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By Pam Shane


Everybody talks about relatability on the radio – at least consultants and PDs do – but what is it and how do you achieve it?


It’s talking to the listener about what the listener cares about, about the listener’s life.


Easy to say, but how do you do it?


You have to answer this question every day before you start your show: What is my target listener talking about today?


Here are ways to keep up with what your listener is talking about:


            Listen to callers – did they say something?  Did you tape it so you can play it to trigger calls/posts/texts?


            Who are the new people you’ve met this week?  Clients, service people,

neighbors, listeners at a cluster or station event, people at church, school sports events?  Make a note of the name and the place when you meet someone and give them a shout-out


            Big local event coming up in a few days?  Talk about it, ask a question about it if you’re not up on it and it fits.


            Have you visited a new club?  Describe it – make a word picture to take the listeners there.


            What TV show is hot?  What show do you see listeners mention in posts?

Go beyond the prep service and check your station Facebook page to see what’s being talked about in your town.


            What would “the good wife” think about this song?  In other words, if there’s a hot TV show or movie out, tie a comment about a character to the song you’re playing.


            Talking about an artist or a band – ask why they never come to your town or area?  That’s local.


            Did you see live music recently?  Who attended?  Talk about the audience, not just the group.


            Did somebody send you the link to a video?  Watch it and see if it hits your target.  Describe the most memorable image on air in addition to posting the link.


            What did you see on the way to work?  Funny bumper sticker?  Unusual sign or ad?  Sudden appearance of road work?  New building or housing going up?  Keep your eyes open and make notes, then use this on the air.


            Did you go to a school to read to the kids or record the Pledge of Allegiance?  Shout out to the teacher, the school and some of the kids.  This applies to delivering coffee and donuts or lunch to a workplace. 


Relatability Challenge


Every week for a month minimum, walk or drive through a neighborhood you’ve never visited, or never really looked at.


Take notes on street names, style and size of houses, park or other special place, local stores, kinds of cars, anything that’s really different for your city.


Use something from that experience on the air within three working days.  If you’ve got a good story, invite listeners to share their story or opinion with you.


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