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We Remember Ed Shane


George Strait - #1 All These Years!


In Memory of Ed Shane


Ed Shane Inducted into Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

  How To Be Relatable on the Radio

  New Ed Shane Video

  Kevin Fowler's tribute to "Papa Shane"


Consultant Pam Shane in Phyllis Stark's Billboard article this week.


The State of the States for Young Women


These 11 Little Habits Are Blocking Your Creativity


Hear the story-filled interview with Johnny Winter done by Ed Shane at WPLO-FM in 1970 and listen to "Mannish Boy" from Hard Again, the Grammy award winning album produced by Johnny Winter.


Ed Shane on Audio Futures: "Don't fall in love with the distribution...."




It's not "Always Open" on the Internet


Collective Nouns for Humans


Find a Parade and Join by Ed Shane


Rich VanSlyke Outlines Imaging Strategies


Strategic Refresher


Help Air Talent Get Creative 


What Not to Say!