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Ed Shane was a native of Atlanta.  He programmed radio stations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.  In 1977 Ed founded Shane Media, one of the early radio consulting firms.

Ed was the author of four books including Selling Electronic Media and Disconnected America, a book that examines the impact of media on morality and personal responsibility.

In 2000, Ed founded the Texas Music Chart to give form and focus to an exploding independent music scene and benefit the artists in the region.

Kindness, generosity and a love of music and creative people were the hallmarks of Ed's life.  Since his death in 2015, his partner Pam has heard from people everywhere about his influence on their careers and his kindness.

We remember Ed with joy for his life.

 Ed as a toddler


 Ed's first full-time job at WRIX


1971, Los Angeles, KKDJ Program Director


2004, Ed & Pam



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