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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I choose Shane Media?

    Here are seven reasons our clients tell us:

    1. Limited Client List - Maximum attention is given to your station's needs.

    2. Instant Access to Answers - A member of the Shane Media team is virtually always available.

    3. Straight Shooting - We're not "yes" men. We tell you what we think, good or bad.

    4. No Private Agenda - We aim our work at your goals and help you meet or exceed them.

    5. All Custom - Everything we do is tailored to your station's needs. There's no "cookie cutter" blueprint that's modified to look like it's unique.

    6. Exclusivity - We work with only one station or duopoly combo in each metro.

    7. Clear Action Plans - We speak in plain language, clearly communicating action steps to set a strategic agenda.

    Who handles my station?

    We all do. You don't "hire a consultant" when you assign your project to Shane Media, you hire a team of radio professionals who are committed to your goals. We assign a point person to your project, but you're likely to hear from several members of the team.

    Do you specialize in one format?

    NO! We're RADIO specialists. Our job is to help stations gain the maximum audience and translate that audience to revenues. We've advised broadcasters in virtually every style of radio, including stations broadcasting in Spanish and Vietnamese! At Shane Media, we're RADIO people not format people.

    What does this multiformat experience mean to your clients?

    It means that we're not so wrapped up in any one format that we lose sight of the marketplace and its interaction. That's real assurance in today's superduopolies. Shane Media has the experience to react to virtually any situation, whether competitive or internal.

    What if my company needs something that's not on your "menu"?

    Because Shane Media's services are designed to help stations win, we can most likely customize our services to meet your needs. Whether you're involved in a new station start-up, facing a new challenger, or in a neck-and-neck race with established direct competitors, as a Shane Media client you get the strategies and guidance you need to make the most of every opportunity.

    Can you help me find talent?

    When your station needs new talent, Shane Media helps you find the right person! We begin by searching our constantly updated talent bank, featuring some of the industry's best and brightest. We'll screen potential employees, sending you information on only those applicants most closely matching your criteria. Once you narrow your search, Shane Media interviews each finalist. We know what questions to ask, and sometimes can get information in a reference check that you, as an employer, can't get.

    I have the money to buy new jingles, hire a new station voice or lease a production library, but I don't have the patience or time to deal with call after call from sales reps. Can you get me what I need without all the hassle?

    YES, we can! This is one reason Shane Media is on your team. We keep the latest and best jingle packages on file. If your needs include a production library or music beds, we'll help you find it at the price you want. Our talent bank contains over forty different voice talents, both male and female. If you have needs that are not in our library stock, Shane Media can get you what you need!

    I'm looking for syndicated programming. Can you offer any suggestions?

    If syndicated programming is what you're after, we'll suggest programs and secure demos for you. We may even have the show you need on file.

    "The Book" has arrived and I'm worried that I don't know what all these numbers really mean to my station. Can you help?

    From trend analysis to supplemental breakouts, reliability computations to comparisons with format norms, Shane Media consultants have the experience and resources necessary to make your ratings tell you the things you need to know to map out station strategies. We will give you a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations following our "investigation" of your ratings.